Translation Services

We specialize in providing translation services for technical documents: user manuals, instructions, any kind of technical text and the accompanying legal documentation: patents, contracts, invoices, etc.

We offer translation services in the following language pairs:

  • Chinese ↔ English
  • Chinese ↔ Romanian
  • Danish ↔ Romanian
  • Dutch ↔ Romanian
  • English ↔ Romanian
  • French ↔ Romanian
  • German ↔ Romanian
  • Italian ↔ Romanian
  • Hungarian ↔ Romanian
  • Norwegian ↔ Romanian
  • Russian ↔ Romanian
  • Spanish ↔ Romanian
  • Swedish ↔ Romanian
  • Turkish ↔ Romanian

Related services:

Notarization of the translated document (in Cluj-Napoca).

Express-Services for special situations when you need your documents ASAP.

Interpreting services, available in Cluj-Napoca and worldwide.


Copywriting Services

Sometimes you need more than just a simple translation. In addition to premium translation services, we also offer copywriting and editing services for marketing, advertising, and corporate communications in Romanian.

Language Training

For those times when you need to “do it yourself,” get practical, hands-on support for your business communication needs in English or Romanian.