Technical Translation Services

Precise translation backed by industry-specific knowledge

At Napoca Translations, we do not simply replace a word in the source language with a similar word in the target language. Our Technical Translation Services involve understanding the precise meaning of the text and expressing it in the target language in a way that is both concise and clear, leaving no room for confusion.

This requires a unique combination of three skills: mastery of the technical terminology of both the source and the target language; a clear writing style in the target language; and in-depth knowledge of your particular industry.

Your Translation Project, step by step

  1. Contact us to discuss your translation needs and objectives.
  2. You will then receive a detailed quote specifying the document(s) to be translated, the agreed deadline, your preference for formatting, and any other special requests identified in Step 1.
  3. We translate your document(s) and send you any questions we have about desired terminology or rendering.
  4. You receive the translation with ample time to review it and send us any comments or modification requests.
  5. We finalize the translation based on your comments.
  6. We proofread the final Romanian version of any materials that will be printed or published online.