Translation Services

We are certain that we will impress you with the quality of our work. This is why we are not afraid to offer a 100% money-back guarantee should you be displeased with our work, either because of its quality or a missed deadline.

We are experts in translation services for projects benefiting from European Funds: we translate all the required documents – offers, legal agreements, technical documentation. Everything delivered on time so that your projects run without even a hitch.

Furthermore, large volumes of text are no challenge to us: we have the necessary resources to translate over 1000 pages a month.

We offer a competitive package of translation and interpreting services, specially customized to suit your needs.

Each member of our team is a Sworn Translator, having been authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice to sign translations. This means that all our translations can be notarized by a Notary Public and therefore they are recognized any Romanian authority or institution.

We offer translation services in the following language pairs:

  • Chinese ↔ EnglishTranslation Services
  • Chinese ↔ Romanian
  • Danish ↔ Romanian
  • Dutch ↔ Romanian
  • English ↔ Romanian
  • French ↔ Romanian
  • German ↔ Romanian
  • Italian ↔ Romanian
  • Hungarian ↔ Romanian
  • Norwegian ↔ Romanian
  • Russian ↔ Romanian
  • Spanish ↔ Romanian
  • Swedish ↔ Romanian
  • Turkish ↔ Romanian

For translations from any other languages, please contact us in advance.

Other related services:

  • Notarization of the translation (at any Notary Public in Cluj-Napoca).
  • Our Express Translation Service, for those cases where you need your translation done yesterday.
  • Interpreting services for conferences, business meetings, appointments at Notary Public offices, weddings, etc.
  • We also ensure that your translated documents are formatted in the same way as the original documents.