Interpreting Services

We offer interpreting services in several languages for a variety of events: business meetings, negotiations, workshops, press conferences, weddings, etc.

Based on your requirements, we can provide you with the following types of interpreting services:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting – interpreting while the person is speaking.
  • Consecutive Interpreting – interpreting after the speaker has finished.
  • Interpreting via telephone or other technological means – this is an essential service for your seamless communication with foreign customers and business partners.

How do we provide interpreting services?

It all starts with you contacting us. We evaluate your request and choose an interpreter that matches your requirements. We make an appointment and ensure that he or she keeps it and that the necessary equipment is ready and in perfect working order.

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter listens to the interventions and renders them, after the speakers have finished, in a different language. Usually this is achieved by taking notes during the interventions and using them during interpreting. Nowadays, consecutive interpreting is requested less frequently than simultaneous interpreting, but it remains relevant for certain kinds of meetings (e.g. small groups, field trips).

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter works in a soundproofed booth. The speaker uses a microphone, and the interpreter listens to the speaker through a headset and renders the message into a microphone almost simultaneously. The audience is provided with the technical means to listen the interpretation.