Sworn English-Romanian Translations

Accurate and timely delivery of translations since 2014

At Napoca Translations, we do not simply replace one word in the source language with a similar one in the target language. Our work relies on expert knowledge of English and Romanian terminology, as well as of the tools and technologies specific to the translation industry.

What kind of documents can we translate for you?

We specialize in translating tehnical and legal documents. We have accumulated a terminology database from various fields, translating texts ranging from various types of contracts to documents specific to oil drilling platforms.

The stages of your translation project

  1. It all starts with a discussion which you will have with your translator.
  2. After we evaluate your documents, you will receive a detailed offer specifying the documents that are to be translated, the deadline and any other special requirements identified during our initial conversation.
  3. Next is the actual translation stage. This can last between 30 minutes (for standardized documents) to several weeks (in case of documents exceeding 100 pages).
  4. Before handing you your translated documents, we revise the translation.

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